I will follow you...
Submitted by Bob Macdonald

One Thursday after Bible study Fr. Ed asked me to drive him to the home of a long time parishioner who had been home bound for some extended period of time.

When we arrived the man's son said, "I'm sorry you drove all the way up here but we had to put dad in a nursing home two weeks ago."

Nothing would do but Fr. had to go to the nursing home so I drove him all the way back to the church and as far south as we had been north.

"I'm so sorry," the receptionist said. "He was transferred to Hospice the day before yesterday."

So off we went to Hospice. The lobby was deserted -- no receptionist, no room assignments -- nothing. We started down one long corridor and saw no one at all except unfamiliar patients in rooms. At the end of the hall we turned and walked all the way down another hallway. Finally we found a uniformed attendant and Fr. Ed asked how he could find the man.

"I'm sorry, Father," the young woman said, "but he died yesterday."

Fr. Ed turned to me and said, "Bob, let's go eat. I don't think I want to follow him any farther today."