The Christmas Crash
Submitted by Diane LeCrone

During the years that I worked as Father Holloway's Administrative Assistant at St. James Episcopal School, I grew to know that he was first and foremost a regular human being. I believe that is why he was such an effective priest, because he never held himself up as perfect, but put each and every person instantly at ease by just being himself. As headmaster, year after year he waived his salary increase and asked that it be divided among his teachers, who he always backed and appreciated.

Father's loyalty to his staff extended to our custodian, who might not have enjoyed long-term employment under someone less understanding. Occsionally I would see Father carrying out the trash or mopping a floor and the custodian couldn't be found, until we checked the custodial closet to find him asleep. At any rate, at Christmastime the custodian, who was always grateful for Father's friendship and patience, decided to work hard to surprise Father. His secret good deed was to wax and highly polish the rooms just off the altar.

As the 200+ schoolchildren practicing for the Christmas service stood in the front of the church, Father raced off the altar to change the lighting. As he hit the highly polished floor, went airborne and hit the floor with a loud thud, simultaneously the "regular man" inside the priest let loose with a couple of juicy expletives. Quickly recovering and coming back to where the children stood frozen, he asked, "Did anyone hear anything?"

You could hear a pin drop in the church as 200 little wide-eyed kids shook their heads no.